Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 9, 2009

Alexandra Sandra Liddy Bourne for Chairwoman, RPV?

Apparently, Mike Wade, Chairman 3 CD RPV, is pushing Alexandra Sandra Liddy Bourne as the new chairwoman for the Republican Party of Virginia.  Interesting.  I’ve got a few questions.

Mike, do you want to elect her immediately after the lynching planned for April 3rd – by SCC or run the risk of a convention going crazy when you try to elect her – against someone else or a bunch of other folks  – at the RPV Convention at the end of May?  Why can’t Jeff run again in May?

Miss/Mrs/Ms Bourne, I’ve got a number of questions for you, please.

When did Mike ask you about the job? 

Did anyone else ask you?  Was it a telcon or face to face? 

Did Mike say he represented the ‘leadership’ of the SCC or something else?   Did he say he represented any candidates for office or did candidates for office contact you separately?

Who wants you to be the Chairwoman?  Why?  Who, by name, will you represent – really?

Have you seen the letter to all the State Central Committee members to Jeff – that is closed to only SCC members?

Do you agree with removing Jeff?  Why?

What should be the criterion for judging your chairmanship?   For the SCC removing you in the future?

What were you told that you need to do as the Chairwoman between now and November 2009?

How about after that?  What will be your duties – and goals?  Why are you the best person for the job?

Will you run on your own at the convention in 2012?   How will you decide one way or the other?

Are you planning on running for state-wide office?

Have you been told anything about the contracts and vendors who should be getting the funds raised in the RPV’s name between now and November?

Which staff will you fire and who will you hire – when?

Sorry to ask these questions on my blog.  But, you see, the process for removing you is basically “sneaky is as sneaky does.”   I am out of the loop for the inside information among the cabal working hard to remove Jeff.   Yet, these questions should be aired in public.  They should be part of an open, honest, fair discussion about the chairmanship of the RPV – and who should be chairman – and why. 

Open covenants openly arrived works better than super-double secret emails, telcons, and meetings.

We might recall that the single worst piece of legislation since Massive Resistance – that magnum opus of Republican political genius – HB 3202 was contrived behind closed doors by a self-selected small group of Establishment Republicans – much like, it seems, the  hang-Jeff Frederick-on-a-sour-apple tree movement.

Which begs a larger question.  When so many sound, trustworthy, honest and straightforward Conservatives sign the letter against Jeff, why didn’t they insist on a more open process?  I don’t get it.  I think the world of some of these folks.  Yet, they are working in the shadows for what needs the bright light of day – and inevitably will see it.   It speaks volumes about our committment as SCC representatives to sharing with the rank and file Republicans who elected us rather than keeping the important business of a coup to just ourselves.


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