Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 6, 2009

Jeff Frederick’s Gathering Storm

Finally got my copy of the letter from the folks trying to remove Jeff Frederick from Chairman, RPV.  Not at liberty to discuss the contents.

But, I can make two observations.  This isn’t a C vs. L vs. M faction within the Party fight.  Some of the best, most respected Conservatives in the Commonwealth signed that letter.

One issue is Jeff Frederick as Chairman, RPV.  A myriad of issues flow in many directions about him.

The other issue is who would replace Jeff if he is removed?  That’s pretty important.  I haven’t been told who would run for the job in the Convention at the end of May.  The person who is in the Chairman speaks to what the RPV is.

Since I got involved in politics in 1992 the Chairman of the RPV has been the hand-picked person of the biggest dogs in Virginia Republican politics.  McSweeney was moved out to make way for George Allen’s fellow.  When Charlie Judd ran against John Hager, I supported Charlie to have an independent RPV.   Likewise, I supported Jeff Frederick later.   Same reason. 

It would be nice to know who will be running before the April 3rd State Central Committee meeting.  I’d bet money there will be a move to put someone in who will return the RPV – that tiny staff in Richmond – to being an extension of the campaign office of the biggest dogs in Virginia.  I’d like to know who their candidate would be.

It’s logical and practical that the RPV would be an extension of the biggest statewide Republican dogs.   Just, like Congressmen want their district committees to be an extension of their campaigns. 

Call this my windmill of choice, but I see the Party as the permanent organization of principles, purpose and focus, while elected officials come and go.  It’s highly unlikelty that my idea of the Party organization being greater than the campaign organization will come to pass.  Not here and now.  Yet, its an option we, Republican Conservatives, should consider.



  1. How about Alexandra Sandra Liddy Bourne for Chairman. Many Conservatives love her and as one of them I was intrigued and enthused by her candor and principled comments in our conversation.

  2. Call me if you have a minute this afternoon. I will be at home till 4:15

  3. Mike: What conversation? You and who were out shopping for a new Chair? When did you start? Who gave you her name? Is she planning on running for state-wide office or simply representing the interests of those that do -and win? Or, who does she represent?

    Who else have you shopped around as a candidate?

  4. Mr. Bowden,

    Thanks for the assessment. A lot of other places here online have simply sunk into ad hominem attacks on Frederick. Actions as such are simply unproductive. I have noticed that a lot of the people who are calling for his resignation and removal are also the people who were his most fervent supporters a year ago.

  5. AG Gilmore: Thanks for your comment. I saw a lot of names on the letter, but I don’t know which supporters of his – by name – are actually working to remove him. I’d certainly like to know if that is true – and name names.

    This remains a whisper campaign of phone calls and private emails. Which doesn’t build credibility for those working it. Sneaky is as sneaky does.

  6. I am not sure I really understand why the need to remove Jeff Frederick. Are his negatives so great as to warrant a change with no alternave that has fewer negatives? Besides Miss Bourne, who are the alternatives?
    Why the secrecy?
    Why has the leading candidate for governor seemingly endorsed this? Does he have a replacement in mind?
    What is/are the real issues at play here?

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