Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | February 5, 2009

Mandatory Confederate Holiday in South Carolina

“February 3rd, 2009 (Associated Press) COLUMBIA, S.C. —  A black state senator is pushing a bill that would require South Carolina cities and counties to give their workers a paid day off for Confederate Memorial Day or lose millions in state funds.

Democratic Sen. Robert Ford’s bill won initial approval from a Senate subcommittee Tuesday. It would force county and municipal governments to follow the schedule of holidays used by the state, which gives workers 12 paid days off, including May 10 to honor Confederate war dead. Mississippi and Alabama also recognize Confederate Memorial Day.

“Every municipality and every citizen of South Carolina, should be, well, forced to respect these two days and learn what they can about those two particular parts of our history,” Ford said Tuesday.”

I’m not keen on pushing mandates from the state to the county and city here in Virginia.  But, this SC Democrat gets it on the way forward in race relations and culture war conflicts.  Owning history is part of the struggle to define the present and the future.  He sees the way forward.  Mutual respect and honor. 

His genius for insight highlights the manifest foolishness, or rank stupidity, of our DumYankees in Virginia who want to culturally cleanse all things Confederate.

Thomas Sowell and James Webb have written two different perspectives on the same observation that black and white sub-cultures in the South are mirrors facing each other.  Both were founded in the Cavalier English, Anglican, Tidewater culture and the Scot-Irish, Presbyterian, Frontier culture.   

Both Southern sub-cultures are deeply endowed with concepts of respect, dignity, honor and pride.  In order to move ahead together, both have to be treated properly – and their history, heritage and symbols – or there will be a division.

Virginia and the rest of the South have one history.  We all are in life together now.  We have one future – and if we unite, we can have one Munificent Destiny.


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