Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 19, 2009

MLK to B. Hussein Obama

Happy Martin Luther King Day! 

Actually it ought to be Civil Rights Day.  It would be more inclusive of the whole struggle to widen the franchise to different individuals and offer the promise of the Declaration to all individual persons.  The proper emphasis is on the individual, not the group.  It’s the antithesis of the current Liberal Democrat worldview.

But, politics is about emotion more than intellect, so I understand why the holiday is named after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   Too many people needed a hero more than the real heroic idea. 

Now, we have B. Hussein Obama.  It’ll be interesting to see who pushes him to what place in the pantheon of public heroes.

Since I understand the raw emotion supporting Obama, I get it on why this inauguration is so important to so many people.  Just like Princess Di was important to the Brits – for  a season of frothing and gushing.

B. Hussein Obama has accomplished the spectacular feat of getting elected President of the United States of America.  That one thing is the whole thing.  He is the most powerful man in the world – starting tomorrow. 

Yet, his election is such a failure of Dr. King’s ideals – despite the cult-like hysteria clamoring that Obama is the fulfillmen of “I have a dream.”

Dr. King used the right tactic – non-violence, at the right time – 1950/60s, with the right rhetoric – Christian love speech, with the right reasoning – the Natural Law from our Declaration of Independence.  This was his genius in the bus boycott in Alabama.   It was the power that lead to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. 

He was a key leader, not the only leader, and destinied to be like all the other old Civil Rights leaders after the war was won – except that MLK was martyred.  

 40 years later B. Hussein Obama was elected President.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t elected for the content of his character, but for the color of his skin, the economic tsunami, and his loose cannon opposition candidate.

The victory of the Civil Rights movement was for all Americans.  The unfinished business of the Civil Rights movement is to get rid of all things associated with race in the public square.   Racial quotas, set asides for contracts, government jobs for minority affairs, celebrations of groups based on race, etc.   And, the racism that cuts with whoever wields the sword of bias, separation, and group identity has a long way to go for eradication.

There’s work to be done.  I doubt that B. Hussein Obama is the fellow to do it – because he is a doctinaire Liberal Human Secularist.   So, let’s just do it ourselves.

Start with the second greatest Commandment  – Love others as you love yourself.


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