Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | December 28, 2008

Valkyrie – The Movie

Enjoyed Valkyrie with Tom Cruise even though I knew the story.  Good Hollywood thriller. 

I’d love to see what the reaction is in Germany.  

One of the characters is the former Army Chief of Staff – General Beck.  The first time I went to the Bergen-Hohne Training Area in 1985 I saw the monument the German Army built to Colonel General Ludwig Beck.  It was a large rock – about 6 feet tall with a lengthy brass tablet on it.  I was told it said, basically, that the German Army would never again pledge allegiance to a man, instead of Germany, and that the Army would be like Beck was.  Beck was a man who Hitler had to take down to get the armed forces to swear their personal allegiance to him – Hitler.  Beck refused.  He was a proud example for the German Army.

William Shirer describes how Hitler took down each institution that could oppose him in his book, “The Nightmare Years.”  It is the personal prelude to his Rise and Fall of the Third Reich book.  Great reading. 

Food for thought and observation.  It makes clear what Obama must do if he is a crypto-totalitarian waiting for his day.  It tells what is worth watching to see the difference between goofy Liberal Dhimmicrats  running the country aground vs. criminals co-mingled with sinister Liberal Human Secularism evolving as its ideological cousins – National Socialist Human Secularism and Communist Human Secularism. 

I hope the good Germans like the movie.  There are a lot of good Germans who suffered when criminals came to power.  They’ve been our Allies for 4 times the length of the national socialist nightmare.  And, frankly, during the Cold War, WW III, we needed them more than they needed us.  The German Army serves with NATO in Afghanistan today.   Hope their young troops and officers see themselves in the flick – as the good guys.



  1. good ideas mr James , I think the period of great German ended a long time ago , German is less powerful today, … these days there is one powerful twin : ( America & Israel) … and people al over the world must act more then that , because it’s getting closer and the smell attracts the nose …

  2. Huh?

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